Friday, April 28, 2017

Mount Lemmon

Migration is beginning to hit the Catalina Mountains.  It wasn't the great day that I had hoped for, but  just walking/hiking in the Catalinas is rewarding spiritually.

I did find five warblers: Townsend's, Hermit, Red Faced, Olive, and  Yellow-rumped. I couldn't get good photos of the Hermit or Olive, but did get marginal photos of the others -- and a few other birds too (though nothing rare):

townsend's warbler

red faced warbler

yellow-rumped warbler

spotted towhee

house wren

red tailed hawk

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Elusive Sora

The Sora is one of those birds much more often heard than seen. Sometimes frustratingly so. 

Yet, occasionally, one seems not to care if people are around. At the Kingfisher Pond (San Pedro River) last week, one was visible for a few minutes, sometimes on the edge of the weed bed, and sometimes a bit out in the open:




Monday, April 24, 2017

Black Tailed Gnatcatcher at The Azure Gate B&B

Each day our birding guests bird our property here at The Azure Gate. I, on the other hand, when given a chance head out to a favorite birding spot, i.e. Mount Lemmon, Huachuca Canyon ....

I am starting to realize though, that I have taken for granted that we have some pretty good birding opportunities right here where we live.

Yesterday, I had a few minutes so went out back and almost immediately found a very cooperative Black Tailed Gnatcatcher:

Black Tailed Gnatcatcher

Black Tailed Gnatcatcher

Black Tailed Gnatcatcher

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Anna''s Hummingbird Chicks at The Azure Gate B&B

We have had at least two Anna's Hummingbirds nesting here (that we know of). The chicks in the first nest are now gone. (See April 9th post).

However, the second nest is still occupied. Here are two little chicks waiting for mom:

Anna's Hummingbird

Friday, April 21, 2017

Franklin's Gull at Lake Willcox

A quick trip looking for the reported American Golden Plover at Lake Willcox turned up empty, or did it? I made the mistake of looking for a breeding American Golden Plover which is mostly black and easy to spot. Unfortunately, the reports didn't indicate that the bird was not in its breeding plumage which is mostly whitish. So it might have been there -- and I might have even seen it -- but not recognized it. Oh well.

But I did find several Franklin's Gulls so here:

Franklin's Gull

Franklin's Gull

Monday, April 17, 2017

Bell's Vireo at Sweetwater

Seem's like I am finding Bell's Vireos everywhere these days. Here's a nice photo from Sweetwater Wetlands:

Bell's Vireo

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bee Swarm at Sweetwater Wetlands

Bee swarms are one of nature's interesting phenomenons. We get them occasionally here at The Azure Gate (see post from January 13, 2015). While birding at Sweetwater Wetlands last week I came across another: