Thursday, June 18, 2015

Empire Gulch, Las Cienegas, Southeast Arizona

On Tuesday, I headed over to Empire Gulch, Las Cienegas -- about a 45 minute drive from our B&B. I got a late start, and the fact that it was 110 degrees probably was the reason the birding wasn't quite so good. 

Unaffected by the heat, though, were the Black Tailed Prairie Dogs and Southwestern Fence Lizards. So I thought I'd show them off today:

Black Tailed Prairie Dog (note the black tip at the end of the tail)

Southwestern Fence Lizard

Something about the last photo that I really like; maybe the old fence post, the rusty barbed wire, or the "regal-ness" of the lizard on top of his post. Or maybe it's that it poses the lifelong question of "sitting on the fence" not knowing or unable to proceed. However, that's probably a little too deep for this blog.

Have a nice day.

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