Sunday, October 23, 2016

Birds on a Wire: Vermillion Flycatcher

The Vermillion Flycatcher is a stunningly beautiful bird. Although it's range is limited in the US to Southern Arizona and Southwest Texas, it is fairly easily seen due to its bright red color. 

It prefers streamsides in arid country, savanna, ranches and riparian areas. It usually perches on leafless tree branches over streams (like a Phoebe) or on wires/fences near open grassy areas where there would be plenty of beetles, flies, wasps, and grasshoppers.

In looking through my photos for this post, I realized that I didn't have a good photo of a male Vermillion Flycatcher on a Wire. So, I included a male which was perched on a rail.

Female Vermillion Flycatcher
Male Vermillion Flycatcher

Female Vermillion Flycatcher

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