Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Rainy Day at Sweetwater Wetlands

Catching up from last month's Best Wildlife Photos of 2016, I'll start with a quick trip to Sweetwater Wetlands; quick, because shortly after I arrived and was at the far end of the Wetlands it started raining.

Nonetheless, I did come away with some photos; some better than others. The first, a Belted Kingfisher shows the difficulty in photographing birds sometimes. Often when they see you they immediately fly away, never to be seen again. All I got was a blurr:

Belted Kingfisher
There was a Black Crowned Night Heron -- not as often seen at Sweetwater:
Black Crowned Night Heron
The more secretive Common Gallinule showed himself momentarily:
Common Gallinule
The Cooper's Hawks (as well as the Sharp Shins) were out and about. This one I took in the pouring rain:
Cooper's Hawk
 A Great Egret did a flyby:
Great Egret
 And, the Ruddy Ducks -- seen more often in the winter months -- were in most of the ponds:
Ruddy Duck
All in all, a nice, short, wet morning birding and photographing at Sweetwater.

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