Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fort Lowell Park: Always a Photo

I headed over to Fort Lowell Park a couple of days ago in search of a "Storm Wigeon" that was reported. There is some debate about the "Storm Wigeon." Is it a separate species of American Wigeon? Or just an American Wigeon with plain white cheeks (no freckles). Unfortunately, I have nothing to show you because all I found were American Wigeons.

However, there were some photographs to take.

First several Double Crested Cormorants were constantly feeding. Here's one:

Double Crested Cormorant
As with most municipal parks, hybrid ducks and geese seem to be present. Here a Mallard Duck is trying to add to the hybrid population:

Mallard Duck with Hybrids
Here is one of those hybrid ducks -- actually quite beautiful:

Hybrid Duck

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