Sunday, April 9, 2017

Anna's Hummingbirds Nesting: The Azure Gate Bed and Breakfast

We have two (that we know of) Anna's Hummingbirds nests close to our main house. In one case, it is just outside the courtyard of one of our guest rooms (in a Palo Verde Tree). Our guests are birders so have been watching each day to see what's going on. The second is also in a Palo Verde Tree but near our carport. There are stairs up to Christine's studio so we can get a very good look at what is happening in the nest from that point. Here is a photo I took just minutes ago:

I am convinced that hummingbirds have a Ph.D. in Nest Engineering (as opposed to Doves that seem to have flunked 3rd grade). The hummingbird nests are very tightly woven and swing perpendicular to the ground no matter how strong the wind. It is as if the nest is part of the tree. You can see the threads holding the nest onto the branch in the photo.

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