Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Patagonia Lake: Great Birding

Christine and I went to Patagonia Lake yesterday, arriving at 11:30 am. Not the ideal birding time. Result, we had the birding trail to ourselves. Well, except for all of the birds. We were there for a little over two hours and never made it to the creek. In fact, we never made it past the mesquite bosque at the bottom of the hill. 

It start with Yellow, Yellow Rumped, and Wilson's Warblers near the stairs going down to the lake. Then as we reached bottom and the small marshy pond along the weed bed a Green Heron gave us as many photos from as many different settings as we wanted.

Here are some of those Green Heron photos:

In the next photo, he caught something, don't think it was a fish; maybe a crayfish:

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