Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Year Babies: Coues White Tailed Deer

Continuing with our series on babies in the wild, we come to the Coues White Tailed Deer. 

I took these photos in the Chiricahua Mountains near South Fork of Cave Creek. It was during the monsoons and just after the Monument Fire. The animals that survived the fire were disoriented and displaced by all of the flooding and lack of food (vegetation). Normally, babies would stay hidden deep in the woods for at least four weeks after birth. Here two young Coues White Tailed fawns were crossing the road with their mom. At first (from a distance) I thought they were Jackrabbits. Then I realized they were too small to be Jackrabbits. It wasn't until I got much closer I realized they were deer. I showed my photos to a Park Ranger who had been in the Chiricahua's for many years and had never seen a fawn that small. 

Just for a perspective, this baby is about to go under a guard rail that is only 10 inches high.

Looking back at me


Baby with Mom

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