Sunday, May 20, 2018

Warblers in General, Red Faced in Particular

There are 56 species of Warblers in the United States. 50 of those have been reported in Southern Arizona, although 15 of the 50 have less then 12 confirmed historical reports. 

Since Mount Lemmon is right outside our door, I like to go up March to October when I don't have enough time to hit the southern mountain ranges. I suspect that in the 16 years we've lived in Tucson, I been up Mount Lemmon at least 100 times.

Yet, I still love going up looking for warblers. Three weeks ago, a Red Warbler was found and photographed in Rose Canyon at about 7000 feet. It is not one of the 56 species, and in fact it was the first ever Red Warbler seen and reported in the United States. I went up the next day (along with about 300 other people) looking for it, but without luck. (None of the 300+ so it that day or since).

Some days are great -- 10 warbler species. But there are days of not finding any -- or just one or two.

The Red Faced Warbler is a beautiful warbler that is primarily a Southern Arizona only warbler. (Occasionally, there are reports from Southwest New Mexico). 

Over the years I have taken many photographs of Red Faced Warblers. But I must say that this past week I was able to get three of my favorites.  Here they are:

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