Saturday, June 30, 2018

Gorgeous Photo of a Killdeer

After Lake Cochise, I went down to Whitewater Draw wondering what I might find (during its "off-season). The short answer is not much as there was only a small amount of water. But I did find four Javelinas, and a Killdeer. 

Admittedly, I don't usually get excited about Killdeer. (They are NOT a hard find). But, what the hey, I wasn't finding much of anything to photograph. I did get glimpses of a few warblers but they just weren't very sociable that day.

As a Wildlife Photograph you have to make the best of what you have. So, it was Killdeer. I was able to get quite close to the Killdeer by talking with it. When I mentioned how beautiful he was, he spread his wings so I could see the color. Wow! And what a photo. Turns out to be one of my favorites of the year:


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