Monday, August 20, 2018

Huachuca Canyon

One of my favorite places to hike, bird, search for wildlife in Huachuca Canyon at Fort Huachuca. Dawn morning is best for animals, early morning good for Montezuma Quail and Trogons, and when the sun comes over the mountain for the other birds.

I got out early hoping to get animals, and of course there's always a deer or two or ten. But not much else. I did hear Elegant Trogons for an hour or so and got a few photos. And flycatchers were more abundant than warblers this time.

The monsoon rains brought lots of wildflowers -- which brought lots of butterflies. I'll show those next time.

Here are some animal and bird photos: 

Young White Tailed Deer Buck

Elegant Trogon

Greater Pewee

Vermillion Flycatcher

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