Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Goldfish Thief

We have a gold fish pond/fountain in our oasis. It has had two residents over the past 16 years. The first was Wyatt who died after 8 years. We immediately put two new goldfish in the pond. After a couple of years one (Virgil) "disappeared -- without a trace." We never knew what happened to him.

Yesterday, our remaining goldfish (Morgan) who we've had for over 8 years, was taken from us.

One of our guests was sitting outside when this happened. He had his camera with him at the time. Here is what he saw:

On the far wall
On the near wall

On the patio deck near the hummingbird feeder

Above the fountain
Checking everything out above the fountain

Eyeing it's prey from above the fountain

And then in a flash, speared Morgan, and took off.

Photos by our guest Gene.

P.S. Thanks to Gene for sharing and solving the mystery for us.

Gotta go now and get some new goldfish.

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