Friday, November 16, 2018

Fall Landscapes - 8

It's finally turned "Fall" in Tucson. So I thought I'd share some "fall photos." 

I will not pretend to be a "Landscape Photographer." Certainly not like our dear friend Bill Hubbell who with his lovely wife Jean used to visit us here at The Azure Gate. Looking at his landscapes I remain in awe. I stand in front of the Grand Canyon, for example, and all I can think is that "this is un-photographable, it is so vast."

In a way photography is like sports. You can excel in Football but not necessarily in Baseball or Tennis. I feel like I am fairly good at Wildlife Photography, but I pale in comparison to Landscape Photographers -- or Portrait Photographers -- or Industrial Photographers. I'm a novice in that regard.

Nonetheless, I am going to share some "Fall" photos. So here we go:


Great Egret

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