Saturday, December 1, 2012

Black Bear V

Continuing now with my "5" Star Black Bears is one of my favorites. It was late May and the trees were starting to bud with new leaves. I took our older daughter (Erin) with me for a five or six day photo trip to Wells Grey in British Columbia and Jasper National Park in Alberta. While in Jasper National Park we came across this Black Bear already in the tree. He would pull a branch with his right arm to his mouth and strip it of all the leaves. Then he would do the same with his left arm. When he could no longer reach a new branch he would climb the tree another couple of feet. When he would climb the tree the trunk would sway back and forth. However, when he got to where he wanted to be he "settled in" and the trunk didn't move an inch.  After about two hours of watching and photographing, it started getting dark so he climbed down the tree, took another look at us, and then off he went into the forest.  That's Mount Robson in the background.  This photo (both as a greeting card and as a framed photo) is my biggest seller. It also appears on the cover of the book, "A Bear Tale" by Christi Killien.

Black Bear

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