Friday, December 7, 2012

Cinnamon Black Bear -- II

Continuing my story from yesterday. There are two ways to find a Bear at Yellowstone. 1) Get up early and go looking for a Bear, or 2) Get up later and go looking for a lot of cars parked along side the road. I always plan my day to be where I think an animal might be at dawn. By 10:00 am, though, at Yellowstone it's the crowd I look for. (Not always, if you get off the beaten path, you can be alone even in Yellowstone). But, back to my story. After a couple of hours of watching this Cinnamon Black Bear going from tree to tree eating pine nuts, I realized that there were 100 or so people now following the bear, (along with two or three rangers). So I went back to my Jeep, which was now at least a quarter mile back, and drove ahead of the crowd and the Bear. I parked along side of the road about five or six trees ahead of the Bear and waited. About 15 minutes later, the Bear past those five or six trees and arrived at the tree where I was parked. With my Jeep between me and the Bear I took this photo. He's about 10 feet away. He gave me a quick glance and then up the tree for more pine nuts. (If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see the pupil in his eye).

Cinnamon Black Bear

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