Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pronghorn: Is it a Photo or is it a Painting?

National Bison Range. Teddy Roosevelt set aside some of the first Wildlife Areas by Executive Order starting in 1903.  In 1908 he got Congress to agree to a National Wildlife Refuge System. The National Bison Range in Western Montana was established with the first Congressional appropriations. 

In addition to herds of Bison, the Range supports populations of Elk, Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer, Pronghorn, and Bighorn Sheep as well as Coyotes, Mountain Lions, Bears, and Bobcats. The Refuge has recorded 211 bird species.

This is one of my favorite Refuges. I have been there at different times of the year: winter, summer, spring, and fall. And, much like Yellowstone, it never disappoints. 

On one winter trip I found a small band of Pronghorn. The snow and snowfall created a unique photo setting. 

This "5" Star Pronghorn Photo doesn't even look like a photo. It looks more like a painting. The snow was falling heavy enough to create what many have said to be reminiscent of  "Japanese Art." 

You can almost see the brush strokes of the grasses as if painted on a silk canvas. This photo of the four female Pronghorn hangs in my office with a bamboo color mat and brown and gold frame. Just lovely.



  1. It looks like a painting, but I know you are a photographer. Very nice!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment. Sometimes photos under the most difficult weather conditions turn out unexpectedly well.