Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mount Lemmon Yet Again

Note:  Yesterday, someone from Botswana visited our Blog.  Botswana is just one of 18 countries in Africa that visit our site; a total of 124 countries around the world. And, even though there is so much "unrest,"  in the world, sometimes someone from Israel and someone from Iraq, or someone from China and someone from Taiwan, visit our Blog on the same day - maybe even the same time.  There is one thing people around the world have in common: a love of nature. 

On to today's post:

I wanted to take one more pass up Mount Lemmon before the migrants leave to see if I could get a better MacGillivray's Warbler photo, but I may not have made it in time.

As usual, I did get some nice photos even though none were that little warbler I wanted:

Cliff Chipmunk eating a nut.

Lesser Goldfinch among the wildflowers

Red Shafted Northern Flicker

Short Tailed Hawk

Townsend's Warbler

Western Bluebird

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Zone Tailed Hawk

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