Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sinaloa Wren

The Sinaloa Wren is a very rare visitor from Mexico to the United States. There was a confirmed report from the Patagonia Sonoita Creek Preserve in 2008 and again in 2009. But then not again from that location.

In the past three years two new locations have been reported:  1) Huachuca Canyon and 2) along the Juan Bautista de Anza trail between Tubac and Tumacacori. In each case the Sinaloa Wren doesn't wander far from the reported location and remains for months at a time. 

I have tried to find this little wren many times -- both at the de Anza Trail site and the Huachuca Canyon site. I have spent quite a lot of time in Huachuca Canyon. And, I am embarrassed by the fact that I had pretty much given up finding it, spending less and less time looking on each trip into the canyon.

On Sunday after the visit to Lake Cochise and the Black Bellied Plover, I went to Huachuca Canyon looking for the MacGillivray's Warbler. (I have photographed this little warbler before but am looking to get a better photo).

As I arrived at the entrance to Huachuca Canyon I found the gate closed which meant I could not get up the canyon to where I wanted. Since the Sinaloa Wren location was only about 250 yards from the gate I thought I'd give it a try while waiting to see if the gate would open.

And wouldn't you know, there was the Sinaloa Wren. Of all the times I went looking for it and didn't find it, the one time I actually didn't go with the intention of looking for it, I found it.

It was constantly moving around usually deep inside bushes. I took many photos nearly all of which were either out-of-focus or just the tail, the head, the back etc.

I am happy that I came away with a photo that provides a "Positive ID" -- the black and white streaks on the cheeks and neck:

Sinaloa Wren

Now I have renewed interest in looking again and getting a better photo. When is the earliest I can get away to Huachuca Canyon?

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