Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Warblers of Southern Arizona: Black Throated Gray Warbler

Continuing my series on Warblers of Southern Arizona, in alphabetical order, next up:

Black Throated Gray Warbler

Distinctive Identification Marks:
All black and white -- except yellow spot above lores; bold white supercilium; white underparts; black streaks on sides; distinctive black throat in male; variable black throat in female; white wing bars; gray unstreaked back;

Frequency: common

Season: April through October

Range: Western United States

Mid Tree
Lower Tree and Brush

Feeding Behavior:
Gleaning: perched bird takes prey from branch
Pouncing: perched bird takes prey from ground

General Behavior:
Very active; constant movement

Where to Find:
Mount Lemmon
Huachuca Mountains
Santa Cruz River

Chance of Finding: 75% in preferred season, habitat, and location  

In Mesquite Tree

In Deciduous Tree
With a flower pedal

In Pine Tree

On Ground

In Juniper Tree

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