Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Warblers of Southern Arizona: Nashville Warbler

Continuing my series on Warblers of Southern Arizona, in alphabetical order, next up:

Nashville Warbler

Distinctive Identification Marks: small and compact with fine sharp bill; olive-green back contrasts with blue-gray head; bright white eye ring; yellow throat, breast and belly; may show chestnut crown patch; no wing bars; dark thin tail; slightly brighter in Arizona than in the East.

Frequency: Uncommon

Season: Spring and Fall

Range: Throughout most of the US (excluding the southeast)

Lower Tree and Brush in second growth or mixed forest with shrubby undergrowth;
Nests on the ground;

Nests on ground  under brushy vegetation with a cup of moss, bark, leaves, grasses, pine needles, 

Feeding Behavior:
Gleaning: perched bird takes prey from branch
Pouncing: perched bird takes prey from ground
Feeds exclusively on insects

General Behavior:

Where to Find: Mount Lemmon, Huachuca Canyon, Madera Canyon, Sabino Canyon

Chance of Finding: Often in small flocks; sometimes mixed; 50% when reported, 20% otherwise.

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