Monday, June 13, 2016

Birds with Fish: Bald Eagle

Back on April 29th I started a series on Birds with Fish (having just completed a series on Birds Eating Bugs). That series was interrupted by several birding trips yielding good photos. Now, it's June 13th, no more scheduled birding trips for another 10 days, so I'll try to finish the Birds with Fish series.

Today's photo comes from the Skagit River in the Washington State Cascade Mountains. The Skagit River is a favorite spawning ground for King (Chinook), Red (Sockeye), Silver (Coho), Pink (Humpy), and Chum (Dog) salmon. It is also a major spawning ground for Steelhead Trout.

With such a feast available, it is a favorite dining spot for Bald Eagles. Between November and January, 500-600 Bald Eagles live along its banks, feeding on the salmon once the salmon die.

Here is an adult Bald Eagle sitting on a 30ish pound salmon (probably a King).

Bald Eagle with Salmon on Skagit River, Washington

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