Thursday, July 30, 2015

Warblers of Mount Lemmon

Tuesday was a good day birding Mount Lemmon. Especially, Incinerator Ridge. It was about as "birdie" as I've seen it. Six warblers there.

Now, of course, photographing warblers is not one of the easiest tasks. They are typically foraging constantly disappearing in pine needles or leaves. So the way to find them is by looking for movement. That is movement from one branch to another, one tree to another. If it is windy, that isn't easy.

Once you find one you need a burst of photos hoping to get one in ten where you can clearly see his face. Autofocus is about the only chance since warblers are in constant motion.

(As I am writing this I glanced out my window and saw a Cooper's Hawk swoop down and grab a Mourning Dove. He's now sitting in a Palo Verde tree plucking leaves).

Back to the Warblers. Some warblers are more difficult than others because they like tree tops. That's a tough photo when shooting up into the sky trying to photograph a 5 inch bird that is 60 to 80 feet above you.

Yet, I did get some nice (though not great) photos:

Black Throated Gray Warbler

Olive Warbler

Painted Redstart

Red Faced Warbler

Townsend's Warbler

Virginia's Warbler
I am going to try to get back up to Incinerator Ridge today. Doesn't mean they'll still be around though. Thing is, birds have wings.

But something drew them to Incinerator Ridge. Hopefully, that food source is still there. We will see. But I'd like to get some better shots. And who knows, maybe they'll be a Grace's or a Hermit Warbler there too.

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