Monday, May 13, 2019

Madera Canyon, Arizona

There are some wonderful trails in Madera Canyon. One we like is to start at the Proctor Picnic site and trailhead then hike along the creek to White House, the Main Madera Canyon Picnic Site, and finally the Amphitheater (a 3.5 mile hike round trip).

There was still lots of water in the creek. Sycamores, mesquites, oaks, desert broom, and lots of Arizona thistles in bloom throughout.

About half way between Proctor and Whitehouse we heard several Mexican Jays that sounded quite upset. We looked over in that direction and there was a young couple with cameras taking photos. As we approached, they weren't taking photos of the Mexican Jays but of a Bobcat that was in a tree close to a jay's nest. The jays would fly around from branch to branch -- though the Bobcat paid absolutely no attention to them -- never even glanced at them.

As we began chatting with the couple he realized that he had purchased a camera lens from me four or five years ago. I was happy to see them and see that they were still interested in photography -- and evidently become quite good at it.

We didn't hang out there too long. Didn't want to overstay our welcome. The Bobcat probably didn't mind us being there either, but it seemed the most respectful thing to do. 

Here are a few of the photos I took.

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