Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Hawks: Part XI

Zone-tailed Hawk.

With only about 300 nesting pairs in the United States, the Zone-tailed Hawk is a rare find -- except in March during the Tubac Hawk Watch. They are often found among Turkey Vultures. One possible reason is that small mammals may not recognize them among the vultures (who are harmless). And then it is too late. 

Their US range is essentially Arizona and Southwest Texas, but has been shifting north over the past two decades. The worldwide population is thought to be less than two million mostly in Mexico and Central America. 

They are typically found in in desert or mountain canyons as well as rivers with cottonwood trees. The Santa Cruz river is a good spot to look.

Zone-tailed Hawk over The Azure Gate

Zone-tailed Hawk during Tubac Hawk Watch

Zone-tailed Hawk Nesting at Pena Blanca Lake

Zone-tailed Hawk Nesting at Pena Blanca Lake

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