Monday, February 10, 2020

Hummingbirds of Arizona: Anna's Hummingbird

Anna's Hummingbird.

The Anna's is the most abundant hummingbird here at The Azure Gate Bed and Breakfast. They can be found every day of the year -- including the very rare "snow days" as seen in one of the photos below.

Size: Anna's is a mid-sized hummingbird of about 4 inches, a little more "rounded" (i.e. heavier),  a medium sized straight black bill, and a medium to long tail.

Distinguishing Characteristics: The most distinguishing characteristic of the male is a red crown and  red throat as seen in the first photo. The gorget is somewhat extended at the corners though not nearly as much as the Costa's. The female has a red central patch which can be seen in one of the photos above. (Its central patch does not always appear red).

Habitat:  Wooded canyons, coastal scrub, scrub desert, urban areas, and gardens from sea level to 5,700 feet. Anna's feeds on the nectar of a wide variety of flowers and insects.

Range: Anna's is found along the Pacific Coast as far north as Washington and across to Southern Arizona. 

Seasons: It is typically a year round resident in its range. During summer months some will move to higher elevations and some will migrate to Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico in the winter.

Nests (Arizona): October - June. Nests are often "eye level" to 10 feet in dense mesquite or palo verde trees and beautifully woven into small "cups".  The male usually takes no interest in the nest. 

Where to Find: Anna's is present year round at The Azure Gate Bed and Breakfast and easy to find. Anna's is found at most of the premier Hummingbird Sites as well.

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