Saturday, December 19, 2015

Birding Santa Cruz Flats in Arizona

First a note to welcome the 125th country that has visited this blog: Antigua & Barbuda. Thank you for your in interest our Wildlife. It clearly is something people around the world have in common.

Santa Cruz Flats is one of the great winter birding spots. There are riparian areas along the Santa Cruz River, scrub desert, and farmlands. All provide a wide variety of birding experiences. Here are a sample of birds photographed on December 9, 2015:

American Kestrel

American Pipit

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher

Burrowing Owl

Common Ground Dove

Oops, a Coyote

Crested Caracara

Ferruginous Hawk

Snowy Plover

Prairie Falcon


Rock Wren

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