Thursday, December 17, 2015

Patagonia in search of the Yellow Throated Warbler

You keep an eye on ABA's birding news for a post of a rare bird. Then you head out to find that bird. Trouble is that the basic anatomical structure of birds includes "wings." The bird could be gone from that spot before the post was even made. Occasionally a rare bird remains in a given "area" for weeks at a time. And maybe that bird returns to that same area the following year.

Such is the case with the Yellow Throated Warbler that had been seen last year in various spots in the town of Patagonia in southeast Arizona. I made several attempts last year without luck finding this beautiful little bird. So when it was reported to have returned this year I was determined to find it. And on my first try this year it took all of 20 minutes. 

As the saying goes, "right time and right place."

Yellow Throated Warbler

Yellow Throated Warbler

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