Friday, December 11, 2015

Bobcats Playing

Sweetwater Wetlands is probably the best birding spot in Tucson. However it is also the best place for a chance to see a Bobcat.  We see a Bobcat on our property every 4-6 weeks; guests see a Bobcat every once in a while as well; and of course, Bobcats stroll through our property un-noticed. 

Yet, lately it seems like I've come across a Bobcat at Sweetwater Wetlands at least two out of every three visits.

This past Wednesday was especially nice. Two young sibling Bobcats at play. Here is that series of photos:

Minding his own business cleaning himself

Along comes his brother who wants to play

Oops, Mom's coming

Mom comes to make sure they are okay.

Is mom gone?

Yes, it's back to fighting

Just a quick peek at me

I'm just watching, not intruding

Back to fighting

I've had enough

One more peek at me

Think I'll go find something else to do

All over -- for now

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