Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rufous Capped Warbler at Pena Blanca Lake

After breakfast this morning I headed down to Pena Blanca Lake to see if I could find the Rufous Capped Warbler.

The RCW is very rare to the United States. Yet, there are four places in Southern Arizona were it can be found. 1) Florida Canyon in the Santa Rita's; 2) Hunter Canyon in the Huachucha's; 3) Pena Blanca Lake in the Pajarito Mountains; and 4) Pena Blanca Canyon in the Pajarito Mountains. Even in those places it is either a solitary bird or in a pair.

These four locations are the only locations being reported in the US.

So, off I went to Pena Blanca Lake. As soon as I got to the cove on the northwest side of the lake there he was. He came down the hillside on the south side of the cove. There is a lot of green vegetation still on the hillside and in front of the cattails. (The cattails themselves are pretty much spent).  He spent two minutes in that vegetation and then headed back up the hillside. I was unable to relocate him again.

Here are a few photos:

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