Thursday, February 11, 2016

Redhead and Canvasback

A quick trip over to Agua Caliente Park (which is four miles from us) produced a single Redhead and a Single Canvasback -- amidst a hundred or more ducks. Both are diving ducks as opposed to the myriad of dabbling ducks often found at Agua Caliente. So it takes a more careful search to find.

Sometimes confused at a distance, here you can clearly see the differentiating features and colors. The Canvasback has a longer, straighter, and black bill vs the somewhat upturned, shorter, gray bill with black tip on the Redhead. You can also see that the Canvasback has a darker head than the Redhead. The back of the Canvasback is lighter in color than in the Redhead.



Redhead and Canvasback

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