Sunday, February 7, 2016

Warblers of Southern Arizona: Yellow Breasted Chat

Continuing my series on Warblers of Southern Arizona, in alphabetical order, next up:

Yellow Breasted Chat

Note: There is debate on whether the Yellow Breasted Chat should be classified as a "Warbler"

Distinctive Identification Marks: Large heavy bill; high contrast yellow throat and breast; heavy white eyerings; black lores; largest warbler; long gray tail; 

Frequency: Uncommon 

Season: April through September

Range: Throughout the United States

Lower Tree and Brush

Bulky cup of grasses, leaves, bark, weed stems, lined with finer grasses; placed in dense shrubs.

Feeding Behavior:
Gleaning: perched bird takes prey from branch
Hawking: perched bird takes prey from air
Pouncing: perched bird takes prey from ground or stream
Eats small invertebrates and fruit

General Behavior:
Very active; constant movement

Where to Find: San Pedro River; Patagonia Sonoita Creek; Empire Gulch

Chance of Finding: Very secretive; more often heard than seen; 10% in season and preferred habitat

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