Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Warblers of Southern Arizona: Wilson's Warbler

Continuing my series on Warblers of Southern Arizona, in alphabetical order, next up:

Wilson's Warbler

Distinctive Identification Marks: black cap; yellow underparts with olive back; small bill which is black on top and pale below; pink legs; brighter yellow supercilium; long dark tail; 

Frequency: Common

Season: Spring and Fall

Range: Throughout the United States and Canada, though more common in the West

Lower Tree and Brush

Nests on ground at the base of a shrub; open cup lined with grass

Feeding Behavior:
Gleaning: perched bird takes prey from branch;
Occasional Hawking;
Easts mostly insects but occasional berries

General Behavior:
Very active; constant movement

Where to Find: Riparian habitats in all of the Madrean Sky Island Mountains.

Chance of Finding: 60% in season and preferred habitat.



1st Year

On Ground

In Tree

In shrub

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