Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Warblers of Southern Arizona: Virginia's Warbler

Continuing my series on Warblers of Southern Arizona, in alphabetical order, next up:

Virginia's Warbler

Distinctive Identification Marks: grayish back and head; complete white eyering; variable yellow breast; yellow base of tail; long thin gray tail; chestnut crown patch (seldom seen); 

Frequency: Uncommon

Season: April to September

Range: Southwestern United States

Mid Tree
Lower Tree and Brush

Nests are well concealed and little is known; often on steep hillside

Feeding Behavior:
Gleaning: perched bird takes prey from branch

General Behavior:
Very active; constant movement

Where to Find: Mount Lemmon

Chance of Finding: usually in small numbers and uncommon makes it a difficult find; best chance is looking where recently reported. At best 10%.

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