Sunday, January 5, 2020

Ground Birds: Wild Turkey

Once difficult to find, Wild Turkeys have become common throughout the United States. This increasing population has found its way into suburban neighborhoods -- even here at The Azure Gate Bed and Breakfast.

Most of the Madrean Sky Island mountains (Catalinas, Santa Ritas, Huachucas, Chiricahuas) have abundant populations, where they can be more easily found.

As a side note, Benjamin Franklin wanted the symbol of America to be the Wild Turkey, not the Bald Eagle. Ultimately, the decision went to the (much smarter) Bald Eagle. That decision has lead to the use of the word "turkey" as a derogatory term meaning "losers" or ......  

The Wild Turkey does remain the symbol of Thanksgiving though.

Here are some photos:

Wild Turkey Male

Wild Turkey Chick
Wild Turkey Female
Wild Turkey Posing for a Photo
Wild Turkey in Grasses
Wild Turkeys
Wild Turkeys at The Azure Gate

Wild Turkey Snow

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