Saturday, July 7, 2012


Several species of birds with large beaks can be found in the US.  The Northern Cardinal's range is from Southeastern Arizona east to Florida and Maine. The Pyrrhuloxia's range is Southeastern Arizona, Southern New Mexico, and Southwest Texas. The Yellow Grosbeak is essentially a thin slice through Central Mexico with very rare sightings in Southern Arizona. The Black Headed Grosbeak is found throughout the Western US. The Rose-breasted Grosbeak is found from Southeastern Arizona to Florida and Maine. And, the Blue Grosbeak can be found across the Southern half of the US from California to Maryland. They are all about the same size except the Blue Grosbeak which is a bit smaller. But all have one thing in common: a Large Beak (hence the name Grosbeak).

Here are a few photos:

Female Black Headed Grosbeak

Male Black Headed Grosbeak

Male Blue Grosbeak

Male and Female Northern Cardinal

Female Pyrrhuloxia

Male Pyrrhuloxia

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