Friday, June 8, 2012

From Mushrooms to Lizards

While Arizona is not noted for its abundance of mushrooms, lizards, on the other hand are everywhere. So finding them is easy, identifying them is challenging sometimes. There are over 5000 species of lizards throughout the world -- every continent except Antarctica. Various references contain 50 or more species in Arizona. Like snakes, lizards change colors depending on their environment. They also change color depending on their mating cycle. So there are many different color phases in each species. Positive identification on some species require turning the lizard over to see its underside. This is not something I like doing -- even if I could catch one. I tend not to be invasive. In any case, I'll show you some lizard photos over the next couple of days that I believe to be correctly identified (although won't bet the farm on it).

arizona striped whiptail

canyon lizard

canyon spotted whiptail

chihuahuan spotted whiptail

clarks spiny lizard

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