Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sandpipers: Part V

As promised, on to the Killdeer. The Killdeer is a year round resident of much of the Southern and Northwest United States. It is a summer resident in the rest of the US and Canada. Unlike many of the other Sandpipers, the Killdeer can be found far from water on farmlands, open fields, or in towns. As mention with the Semi-palmated Plover, the Killdeer distracts predators from its nest by feigning a broken wing. These birds forage for food in fields, on mudflats or by sea or lake shore; and, usually by sight. They mainly eat insects. Their name comes from their frequently heard call, a high pitched sort of squeal. 

photo taken at Whitewater Draw, Arizona

photo taken at Lake Cochise, Arizona

photo taken at Moses Lake, Washington

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