Friday, December 10, 2010

CARNIVORES: Grizzly Stores Part II

Back in 2003 I was in Yellowstone when I came across fifty or so cars lined along the road. I immediately pulled over at the nearest spot not even knowing what people were looking at. When I got to the scene it was two medium sized Grizzly Bears eating an Elk that probably died during the winter. There were a dozen or more professional photographers, amateurs, families with children, etc. I stayed  for about an hour. While I knew that sooner or later the Grizzlies would get up and walk away, I decided not to stay longer. By this time there were over a hundred people and two or three rangers so getting around wasn't easy. This is often the Yellowstone story. And, here are some of my photos:

I am off now to Flagstaff, picking up daughter Ashley at the Phoenix airport (who just landed a job on Wall Street -- not, financial, but with an architectural firm). We are all going to celebrate grand-daughter Ruby's birthday in Flag. So, a couple days off for me. See you Tuesday.

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