Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HOOFED MAMMALS: Mountain Goat Stories-VII

Sometimes on the way to a specific place where you expect -- well, hope -- to see a particular animal you see it unexpectedly. Such was the case while traveling over the Going-To-The-Sun Highway (Glacier National Park). It's not that I wasn't expecting to see a Mountain Goat. After all, they are in the area. It's just that the road is so traveled that I didn't expect to see one so close to the road. But, just over the summit, there were three Mountain Goats, feeding on the grassy hillside. But what got my attention was they appeared to be head toward a waterfall. So, I am thinking that will be a photo.  I was traveling with my in-laws and asked them to drop me off while they looked for a parking place. They thoughtfully and graciously did so. Here was the result:

Nice background. Luck brought me to the right spot at the right time.

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