Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Back in 1994 and 1995 I was using an APS camera. This was before digital -- and, before I realized that the APS didn't capture the level of detail that 35 mm slide film -- or today's digital can. I was traveling to Jasper National Park. Before you get to the park there is 60 or so miles of wonderful Moose country. On this one occasion, I noticed a Moose with two calves on the other side of Yellowhead Lake. So, I parked my truck and walked down to the lakeshore to try to get a better photo. Then to my surprise the mother and two calves jumped in the lake and started swimming; not just anywhere but directly over to my side of the lake where I was standing (behind a tree). It was as if I called for them, and unlike a cat, they came right away. Watching them swim was a treat. How can an awkward looking animal, weighing 800 pounds or more swim? The answer is like this:

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