Friday, December 31, 2010


The word "moose" comes from the Algonquin Indians. These were native people who lived throughout the northern regions of Canada. The Algonquins called this strange looking creature mooswa. It means "twig-eater" or "the animal that strips bark off of trees." Early explorers heard this word and as they passed it on over the years, "mooswa" eventually changed into "moose." 

It is important, if not critical, to always respect wildlife -- especially animals that can be aggressive. Moose are the largest animals in the deer family. Only the Bison weighs more. As a general rule Moose are not aggressive. But, when you see how big they are and the size of their antlers, instinct tells you to be careful. So, you constantly look out for signs of uneasiness or of being disturbed by your presence. But often with Moose, you get lucky. Despite their size, they seem gentle --- or at least, uninterested in you. Moose often are willing to let you get close and willing to pose. Here is a close up of a Bull Moose I found in Colorado State Forest:

You can't quite see it from this small of a photo, but the iris and pupil are clearly visible when enlarged. 

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