Monday, January 3, 2011

HOOFED MAMMALS: Bighorn Sheep Stories-II

As you head out of the town of Jasper, Alberta toward Hinton you have Jasper lake on the left and Talbot Lake on the right. Before you get to Miette Hot Springs Road you find a "mineral lick". Mineral licks are rocky areas high in mineral content, which attracts animals. This is a good spot for Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Over the years I have photographed a great many Bighorns in this area:

Occasionally, they will come all the way down to the road creating a "mini" traffic jam. Now we are NOT talking Yellowstone here. We are talking five cars, not a hundred and five. What they want is to drink from the Athabasca River. Here is a Bighorn family making such a trip:

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