Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Bull Elk tend to be solitary creatures -- except during the rut. So occasionally, when I am driving or wandering around I come across one. Over the years I have collected a large number of Elk (and Deer) photos, so while I might slow down to take a look, I usually don't stop and take a photo unless there is something unique about the background, the lighting, size of a Bull's antlers, or a cow with her calf. (This is not true of Elk in Arizona. I am still trying to get some good close-ups of Arizona Elk). I'll show you two in particular that caught my attention while in Canada. The first one was a large Bull who I shared a moment with:

This next one, is one of Christine's favorites. It was very early morning, probably May judging from the Bull's antlers. Mist coming off the lake. Idyllic!

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