Friday, January 14, 2011


Snow usually makes for a nice contrast as well as point out the setting in which the photo was taken. And so they often make for an interesting photo. Here are three "Elk in Snow" photos; all from Jasper National Park in Alberta. The first is on the way to Pyramid Lake. This big guy was just laying in the snow so peacefully. Never got up, never really moved. I also like the Aspen trees in the photo.  

The second is on Medicine Lake. The way it turned out was a pleasant surprise. It was back in the film days so I didn't really know what I had until the film was developed. Happens to be one of my favorites and one of my most requested:

The last one was taken near the train tracks on the way out of Jasper toward Hinton. I had forgotten about this photo, but Christine saw it while scanning my photos and said she liked it. So, ...

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