Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pardon the Interruption

I'll get back to Hoofed Mammals tomorrow (probably). But, for today it is Bobcats again. Yesterday, around 5:00 I took my camera and walked around the property for about 20 minutes hoping to find a Bobcat. Late afternoon is the best time of day to find them. Now, I realize that is similar to a father walking to his 14 year old son's bedroom and finding it perfectly neat, bed made, nothing on the floor etc. (and/or doing his homework). And so it was, no Bobcats.  But, as chance would have it, luck comes to you in a split second. As I was putting my camera into my camera case I noticed a male Bobcat walking by the side of my office. This wasn't more than 30 seconds after I had returned from my search. So, camera in hand out the front door I went. 

My first photo was him walking away from the office (and me).

He stopped and looked to the right -- but, not at me.  (As it turns out this was my best photo).

Then he looked at the wall. (Love the stripe on his ears):

Then he turned left and wall along the inside of the wall:

He now seemed to be looking for the best place to jump over the wall:

And, then in a split second he was over the wall -- and, exactly when I wasn't in a good position for the jump.  Then across the street and into our neighbors property:

What I thought interesting was the Bobcat never looked directly at me the entire time. For sure, he knew I was there, but he just wasn't nearly as interested in me as I was of him.

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