Thursday, January 27, 2011


Animal babies are always fun to watch and photograph. I wonder sometimes whether I am the first human being they have ever seen -- especially when they seem curious about me. Wildflowers also give wonderful color to a photo as well as tell you something about the time of year and the terrain. Occasionally, you get both babies and wildflowers as in today's photos. The first is a young Mule Deer found atop Mount Elden near Flagstaff. I was actually looking for Black Bear without success, but ended up pleased with the young deer:

In an area like Yellowstone it is easy to pass up photos of deer --- even elk and bison, because I am really looking for Gray Wolves, Grizzlies, and Moose. I remember something DeWitt Jones, a photographer for National Geographic once said, "Every once in a while don't take your camera with you, just simply enjoy nature with the naked eye." While I do that from time to time, the message also is, "don't be so quick to run off looking for something else when you have a beautiful "scene" of nature right in front of you" -- i.e. "stop and smell the roses." Such was the case with these Mule Deer fawns trotting through the wildflowers trying to keep up with their mom: 

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