Sunday, January 23, 2011

HOOFED MAMMALS: Mule Deer Stories-IV

Back 1998, our oldest son Matt married a sweet young girl from Bangkok in a private (City Hall) ceremony in Hawaii where they lived. A couple of months later they came to Seattle (where we were living) for a second celebration. Then for a wedding gift we took them to British Columbia and Alberta on a wildlife adventure, staying in a nice motel in Clearwater, BC while at Wells Gray Park; a cabin in Jasper, and the world famous Fairmont Chateau on Lake Louise. We got to see just about everything I had hoped for. One morning while the "kids" slept in, I got up and went looking for bear. I don't remember whether I saw bear that morning, but what I do remember was taking this wonderful Mule Deer photo. I love the colors of the trees, plants, and grasses:

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