Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lake Cochise - Whitewater Draw

I had an opportunity to check out Lake Cochise and Whitewater Draw yesterday (hence no post for yesterday). Very little to report at Lake Cochise, mostly Northern Shovelers and Coots; no egrets, avocets, black necked stilts, white face ibis, white pelicans, phalaropes, etc. Only thing interesting was a Black Crowned Night Heron asleep in a tree that was impossible to get a good photo of. So, I headed to Whitewater Draw through Sulphur Springs Valley. Along the way I got a great shot of a Ferruginous Hawk:

I was hoping to find Barn Owls roosting at Whitewater Draw -- maybe even a Long Eared Owl. No luck there either. There was a Great Horned Owl in the Roost area though:

No Sandhill Crane photos this time. Those that were at Whitewater Draw were much too far away to photograph (exactly the opposite of my last trip a month ago where they were the closest they had even been). But, I did get a good photo of a Says Phoebe and a Loggerhead Shrike:

All in all, the Ferruginous Hawk photo was worth the trip. 

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