Thursday, January 13, 2011


As you have probably guessed I like wildlife "portraits"; i.e. photographs where a animal is looking directly at you, and especially where you can see the iris/pupil. In most of those cases I like to have the background "out of focus" or blurred so the animal stands out more. However, that doesn't mean I will pass up an opportunity when the background itself is interesting. For instance, I showed you Moose swimming a week or so ago. Here are some "Elk in Water" photos. The first is Elk crossing the Yellowstone River just past the North Entrance from Gardiner, Montana:

This next photo was taken somewhere in Central Oregon on my way to Mahleur National Wildlife Refuge.

This last one was an Elk swimming across a lake in British Columbia. It was much like the Moose swimming photo. I saw the Elk on the other side of the lake. She then jumped in the water and started swimming. I can't remember which lake though. Again, it was a lake I was passing by.

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