Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Whether it is Mule Deer or White Tailed Deer, they are so plentiful that photos have to be unique or otherwise special in some way. I have said before I will usually stop and look at deer, but won't photograph them unless the lighting, background, is different. Today's photos are from Mahleur National Wildlife Refuge in Central Oregon. The first photo was taken in the Springtime. I thought the bird on the deer's back was unique. Didn't realize until I got the film developed that the deer was also "pooping" at the time.

The next photo was taken during the hot summer. Notice the Mule Deer still has velvet covered antlers. The tall grass makes this a good photo.

Now, we are into winter for the last two photos. The first is a large buck with a doe. Notice the velvet  is gone from the antlers. In the last photo, the thistles and the coloring make the photograph.

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